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Femia Djohan

  • Femia Djohan
    Wellness Specialist

    13 years ago, I was sitting where you are sitting now as one of Dr. Hwang's  patient.  And now I sit before you here as one of his 1000 recovering patients, while working with him side by side to helping patients like you regain your health back and live a well fulfilling life!  I believe and trust Dr. Hwang's way of care in treating his patients. That is why my entire family has been in his care, both my elderly parents and my young brother.  Dr. Hwang is a family doctor, who treats his patients as part of his very own family.

    I've realized the well-being of our health is our ultimate priority in life!  Without health we won't be able to do what we love and take care of the people we love.  So to be able to enjoy life to the fullest and live a healthy life, I am integrating my background career as an Architectural-Interior Designer for the last decade, specializing in energy and environmental sustainably green design and combining it also now as a Healthcare~giver by tending to Dr. Hwang's patients and using Feng Shui design focusing  on the Health aspect and Building Biology from the IBE (Institute of Building Biology and Ecology) taking my knowledge beyond 'Green' to 'Health and Wellness' in creating healthier homes and workplaces. 

    Human health and wellbeing are  linked to the materials in our homes and commercial buildings, from the air we breathe, the water we drink, and to the electromagnetic field exposure in our indoor environments. Bringing together the technical expertise, biological understanding and ecological sensitivity to create healthy homes and workplaces, I am committed to building the global awareness that a natural living space not only promotes human health and wellbeing, it also has a positive impact on our environment. I believe our body will naturally heal itself given the proper care by our doctor and ourselves in the healing environment of our own home care. Given our home has been designed and built sustainably with non-toxic green materials while using the Feng Shui Health principle layout.

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