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tiff_2.png Tiffani Patel, Wellness Specialist

Before working at Hwang Family Chiropractic office, I honestly didn't know much about the benefits of chiropractic. Now that I've exerienced the benefits firsthand, it's the method I now turn to to treat my migraines. Ever since I was ten years old, I've had at least four or five migraines a month. It was very interruptive in my life, and prevented me from enjoying the activites that the rest of my friends and classmates participated in. After seeing many doctors and even taking an MRI scan, the solution presented to me was the over-the-counter-drug Excedrin Migraine. Within half an hour, it usually took away the excrutiating pain. However, I started depending on Excedrin so much that I was taking two pills almost everyday. I was not aware of the damage that over-the-counter drugs can do to your liver and kidneys.

Only recently did I realize that taking medication constantly for headaches is not an effective treatment method.  It numbs the pain temporarily, and causes damage in other parts of your body. I was relieved to find out that Dr. Hwang could help me. He was able to find the source of my migraines, and began treatment as soon as he could. Since I've been working here, my migraines have decreased significantly, and I no longer worry about when or where my next headache will be. I haven't taken any medication for my headaches, and it's nice to know I can be pain-free without harming my body with drugs. I am so excited about this revelation, and am telling all my friends and family about the benefits of chiropractic. I trust Dr. Hwang with my health, and I am so grateful for what he's been able to do for my migraines.

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