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Jocelyn.JPG Jocelyn Wei, Wellness Specialist

As a child, my main goal in life was to find a way to help others. By working with Dr.Hwang in helping people become healthier, it has been a great opportunity for me to fulfill that dream. As a patient of chiropractic, I have personally experienced the impact continued chiropractic care has had in my own life. I consider my scheduled chiropractic adjustments to be an essential for my own wellbeing. When I witness patients making strides of their own in our practice, I am always in awe of the capacity of the human body to heal and stay strong. Since I began working here, I have seen countless people's lives change for the better.  I am excited every day to have the ability to guide each patient towards better health and wellness.

What I love the best about working with Dr.Hwang is how passionate he is about what he does. This is not a job for him; it is part of his life. He is such a nice, friendly and gentle doctor who focused on coaching people to have a healthy life through scientific way. I highly recommend for you to come in and talk with Dr.Hwang about your health. You will have a rewarding wellness evolution experience with us. We are looking forward to seeing you in our clinic. 

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