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Hwang Family Chiropractic Corporation

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995 Montague Expressway Suite 211
Milpitas, CA 95035
Phone: 408-946-4151
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Brittany.jpg Brittany Reyna, Wellness Specialist

Being in pain can affect your life in so many ways and I’m speaking from experience. After being in two car accidents last year I thought everything internally was okay, of course I was wrong. For months I was having mid back and lower back pain but did nothing about it. I wasn’t able to sit for too long and I would wake up in the middle of the night in pain. Going through that affected my days tremendously. I soon met Dr. Hwang and joined his winning team which made me realize how chiropractic care is positive. I then started treatment and realized why all of Dr. Hwang’s patients talk so highly of him. He’s an amazing doctor and does what he says. I am now pain free and I never thought that day would come. Not only am I pain free but also feeling healthier and much more positive.

Working side by side with Dr. Hwang has taught me so many things not just about chiropractic care but also life. He has really impacted my life in different ways and he can do so for you. He takes care of our patients like they’re his family. Not only does he take the pain away but finds the underlying cause of the pain so it will never come back. This is why our patients here at wellness evolution walk out positively and smiling once their treatment is finished. If you’re ready to keep up with your spinal hygiene, wellness evolution is the best place to start with.

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We Care Dr. Hwang and your Team provide the state of the art in the latest advance technology in health care. At a wellness evolution, we take great pride in providing the finest customized therapy to the members of our family. Meet The Doctor Get to know more about Dr. Hwang's education background, professional experience and others. Make An Appointment We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule. Schedule an appointment today!


  • 995 Montague Expressway Suite 211 Milpitas, CA 95035
  • 408-946-4151
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